Caio Blat


Caio Blat is certainly the most talented young actor in Brazil. His successful career began at age 9, in TV-commercials and guest appearances in educational shows in public broadcast. In 1994, his debut as Young Carlos in the series "Éramos Seis" was well received by the public and critics, but mostly in his local town, São Paulo, where he was born. National acclaim came only after his appearance in "Chiquinha Gonzaga" as the opposite 'male nymphette' for Regina Duarte. In his short career, he has successfully played everything from charming shy kids to violent rebels, in a perfect 'James Dean' style. Living in São Paulo for most of his life, Caio Blat moved to Rio, Brazil's cultural capital, after he joined the Rede Globo de Televisão team of actors. Therefore he stopped studies at Law School in USP, for work. Caio Blat was born into a family of theater actors and dramatists, and therefore he dedicates most of his schedule to theater, rather than television or film. But whenever he shows off in big screen, he attracts thousands of fans. Equally gifted with talent and beauty, Caio Blat has also rapidly gathered a multitude of fans. Although this phenomenon sounds similar to most Brazilian young stars, there is a certainty that, for Caio, it is a consequence of serious work and compromise of this competent, versatile and multimedia actor.


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Araña 15 August, 2019